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Commercial Business Security Cameras  

Los Angeles business security system

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The world has already seen the inhumane terrorist damages in 9/11 scenario. So, security has become a major issue in both home and at work. Security has become essential for your lives and assets. So, Los Angeles business security systems along with commercial and residential security systems are aiming at setting an integrated LA security system. Moreover, in case of business, there are often profit leaks if necessary measures for loss preventions are made.

Los Angeles business security system deploys surveillance cameras will be estimated on installation time basis. You can easily install Los Angeles business security systems with necessary customized features. Los Angeles business security system prevents loss for both small and medium size businesses. The cameras prevent the chances of thieves looking to steal from your location. A theft in your business place may cost you thousands of dollars and if you are the owner, your employees will never share the loss. You are obliged to pay them their monthly payment as regular. Moreover, there are crimes can be committed in your business place whether it is big or small, by the employees. If you have a shop and don’t have a Los Angeles business security system installed, your employee can easily steal from cash and stand some other cause. If yours is a corporate business and don’t have a Los Angeles business security systems, your employees can easily get bribed and cause you miss many great deals. You can’t even legally fire him if you don’t have any proof. You can’t trust anyone in today’s world, since it is hard to find anyone trustworthy. Eventually profit loss occurs.

Another important aspect about Los Angeles business security system is the insurance issues. Any accident can happen anytime and insurance companies always hang you for money if you can’t prove with necessary evidences that you haven’t burnt yourselves. If you have a Los Angeles business security system installed, you can easily playback from the recorded videos and get your money back.

Types of Los Angeles Commercial Security Cameras

The most common and trendy types are:

  • Security Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Security Cameras
  • Capture Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Cameras
  • Pinhole Cameras
  • Wireless All Weather Cameras
  • Covert (Tiny) Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Long Range Cameras

The listed types are broad categories and each category further has multiple options of models.

Security Bullet Cameras

These are general purpose cameras and highly suitable for outdoor installations. Pertinent specifications are:

  • High Resolution (480 TVL – Zero LUX – with Infra Red ON)
  • 36 IR LEDs – High Intensity
  • Weather Proof IP66 Housing with Bracket
  • Extra Wide Angle 2.5 ~ 9 mm
  • Automatic IRIS Optical Lens
  • DC operate-able – 12 V & 550 mA

Dome Security Cameras

These are fitted with special domes to give protection but without compromising on lens view. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Pertinent specifications are:

  • 180 - 360  Indoor & Outdoor
  • Extra High Resolution Infrared (IR)
  • High-Impact (IP66) with casing
  • Flexible Mounting (Wall or Ceiling)
  • Extra Vandal Proofing
  • 1/3" CCD Zero Lux 480 TVL
  • DC Operate-able 12 V and 450 – 500 mA
  • Easily Adjustable 2.5-9 mm
  • 36 High Intensity LED's

Capture Cameras
These cameras are used for specific functions with specifications:

  • Sensor 1/4" CCD
  • Auto Adjustable Lens
  • Video (Composite ) Output to Monitor & TV
  • Automatic Focus
  • 0LUX with Lights ON
  • Capturing Function

Box Cameras
These are very generic and most commonly used cameras with following specs:

  • Dual-Power operate-able AC or DC
  • IR Sensitive Day & Night
  • High-Resolution lens and display
  • Dual Mode AC 24 V or DC 12 V
  • COLOR output 1/3” SUPER CCD


PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Cameras

These are special dome cameras which are meant for indoor utility. The specs are:

  • Indoor High Speed Dome
  • 216X Color with Ceiling Bracket
  • AC Powered
  • Ultra High (520 Lines) Resolution
  • High Digital Zooming
  • PTZ with 360-Degree rotation
  • Optical Zoom 18X Max
  • Weather (all weather) Resistant
  • Ease in Installation

Pinhole Cameras

These are special mini size cameras with Pinhole lens and generally have Black & White output, Max 420 Lines resolution, which are meant for indoor utility. The specs are:

Wireless All Weather Cameras

These cameras have built in transmitter and receiver and hence do not need wires for connectivity. There are multiple versions available in this category and each has its own specifications for a peculiar utility.

Covert (Tiny) Cameras

These cameras are tiny in size and are especially to be used for covert operations. These cameras can be installed in a door lock, fan switch, draw handle etc. Other general specs are:

  • PIR Motion-Detector Camera
  • Color CCD 420 TVL o.1 LUX
  • Pinhole Lens 3.7 mm

Night Vision Cameras

These cameras are designed have a clear view even at night time. These cameras work on the Infrared (IR) technology. Most surveillance cameras have got this functionality as a built-in feature.

Long Range Cameras

These cameras are meant to be used for having surveillance over a long range. The utility of these cameras can be on places where the line of sight is very clear. Some main specs are:

  • Long-Range Professional
  • IR Specialized Camera
  • 0.001 LUX and Weather-Proof case
  • 1/3" SONY High Resolution CCD, 560TVL
  • Optical Zooming (16x) and Motorized-Lens (7~96 mm)
  • High-Intensity LEDs (25~400) feet
  • DC 12 Volt, 1.3A, Super Digital Noise-Reduction.
  • 20-400 Approx , Feet-Range

The Los Angeles commercial security cameras can be ordered by contacting us.

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