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Home Surveillance Camera System – A Definite Need for Every Home

Security has always been a prime requirement of mankind and this need has got added significance because of prevailing terrorism across the world. In order to meet the growing demand of home security solutions, multiple new business entities have surfaced. These companies are providing security solutions, products and services. The technology-added security solutions or products assist in establishing a strong security mechanism for homes and enterprises. The most widely used solution is the Home Surveillance Camera System. The other systems include Biometric Access Control System, RFiD System, and Aerial Surveillance Systems etc. 

Growing Demand of Home Surveillance Camera System
The statistics reveal that there is growing trend of use of home surveillance camera system
worldwide in the last one decade. For example, in UK, about 4.3 million home security
cameras are in use – this means almost one camera for every 14 persons. In USA, the Homeland Security Department funds billions of dollars for federal, state and local departments to install full range of security systems including latest technology based home surveillance camera system. In USA, multiple states have either completed or managing the projects to integrate home security cameras with city surveillance systems to have an extended footprint of surveillance. In China, the countrywide Golden Shield Project aims to install millions of security cameras along with advanced facial recognition systems. This integrated system will be connected to a central database that will have the picture of almost every Chinese person, in an overall population of 1.3 billion.  

A secured life for you and your family has become a major requirement. Home is the first preference above all which should be protected from possible terrorists. Los Angeles home security system is providing security solutions with latest technological devices. The most used Los Angeles home security system is home surveillance camera system which has an ever growing demand worldwide for last decade.

Los Angeles home security system can establish a strong security system by integrating all home surveillance camera system to a central database, thus, the system can put an eye on almost each guy. The similar idea spread throughout the globe both in USA and UK, even in China. So, Los Angeles home security system integrated to a central security monitoring prevents all kinds of detrimental activity.

Los Angeles home security system can offer you protection against theft and proofs for legitimate inquiries and insurance problems. The system is must for those who spend a lot of time outside home. The system has necessary battery power backup in case of any electric breakdown. It consists of three necessary components like - the security cameras, connecting media (such as- cables, optical fiber or wireless) and the monitoring system. There are also added features of recording and later playback. They can easily be installed inside the house and outside in the premises. There are advanced features like face recognitions, RFID etc. provided by Los Angeles home security system. And Los Angeles home security system brought latest technology of IP enabling with built in Wi-Fi routers for remote operation or, streams live video.

Los Angeles home security system has many advantages like- protects your home from intruders and trespassers, provide remote monitoring on your home via internet even though you are not at home, video recording and playback provides necessary evidence if needed, maintain vigilance on house keepers and children, alarming if anything goes wrong etc. so, Los Angeles home security system can keep your home and family safe when you are away. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and make a call to Los Angeles home security system for a firm security system and get attached to the overall Los Angeles security system.

Advantages of Home Surveillance Camera System

The most common advantages are as following:

  • Identification of person(s) at the entrance gate
  • Alerts on intrusion 
  • Maintaining watch over home while away via Internet
  • Identification of intruders and trespassers 
  • Time-specific video recording with motion-sensor capability
  • Maintaining vigilance on home employees or children
  • Availability of replay-able recorded video for monitoring or evidence

How Does Home Surveillance Camera System Works

The home surveillance camera system works on round the clock basis. This practice can be encouraging to homeowners particularly during vacations. It is pertinent to note that emergency security professionals are promptly called even if there is no one at home. The system is well supported by battery backups to cater for electricity breakdown.  Hence, a home surveillance camera system provides added protection against theft and evidence in case of legal hearing or insurance claims.

The home surveillance camera system broadly consists of three basic components; the security cameras, monitoring system and the media for connectivity (e.g. cables, optical fiber cables or wireless). The monitoring system mostly comes with the recording and playback features. The more advanced systems may also have integration with other access control systems like facial recognition, RFiD, Biometric systems etc. The home security cameras can be installed on critical locations inside or outside the home premises. These cameras, depending upon their size and structure, can be fixed on walls, in ceilings, or can just be placed on shelves. The installed cameras are then connected with central or multiple monitoring systems with the help of copper cables, optical fiber cables or through wireless devices. The videos, captured from different cameras, are projected in a control room that is manned by the security professionals. The modern home security cameras are IP-enabled and generally have built-in WiFi routers. The IP-capable connectivity allows handy use of Internet for transportation of the video thus facilitating monitoring from local as well as remote security control center.

Types of Home Security Cameras

The home security cameras can be classified on the basis of their sizes, shapes, utility or technical features.   

  • Classification on the Basis of Sizes and Shapes – The home security cameras are available in different sizes and shapes, depending upon the location (inside or outside) at which it is to be installed. Moreover, other considerations like technical features and utility perspective also contribute in the overall size and shape of the camera. For example, the covert surveillance can only be carried out with tiny cameras that could be installed in a hidden manner. Similarly, the wireless cameras, having built-in WiFi router, are larger in size due to additional electronics components in the camera.
  • Classification on the Basis of Technical Features – There are two broad technical classifications; wired security cameras and wireless security cameras. The wired option can be in the form of coaxial cable, CAT-6 cable or optical fiber cable. The wireless option is generally supported by WiFi standards. To offer flexibility, latest expensive cameras offer full range of wired and wireless interfaces to facilitate usage, specific to user’s scenario. Other distinguishing technical features include zooming, wide-range, remote-controllability, 360-degree movement, IP-capable, motion-sensing, night-vision capability etc.  

The market offers a range of home surveillance camera system and associated security cameras but it is important to consider factors like exact surveillance requirements, available budget and other physical constrains. It is recommended to have professional consultancy prior to buying home security cameras or hiring home security services.

An intercom (intercommunication device), talkback or doorphone is a stand-alone electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue. Intercoms can be portable but are generally mounted permanently in buildings and vehicles. Intercoms can incorporate connections to walkie talkies, telephones, cell phones and to other intercom systems over phone or data lines and switch electronic or electro-mechanical devices such as signal lights and door latches.

Intercoms are not to be confused with "Telephone Door Entry" systems, where the 'Intercom' facility is an option available on a system in which instruments within a building can be used to intercommunicate with each other (usually a single-dwelling), or where apartments can communicate internally with a resident porter.


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We have references of large jobs that we have done, up to including a Los Angeles Local State Hospital, with a complete security camera operation that we have fully installed.

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